Mouse, Brown

Mouse, Brown
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Cousin to the Folkmanis long-time favorite White Mouse, this adorable rodent is the perfect size for storytelling. Soft and friendly with a moving mouth and paws and long velvety tail.

Puppet Stats
Length Width Height Weight
6" LONG 5" WIDE 8" TALL 2.9 OZ



  • The house mouse evolved in central Asia. When people were still living in caves, mice moved in. Now they live everywhere people do.

  • Mice have excellent senses of smell and hearing. They communicate using high-pitched squeaks that we can't hear.

  • The most adaptive color for a mouse's fur is brown. Mutations cause unusual fur, such as yellow, black, spotted and albino white.

  • People have been raising fancy mice for thousands of years. One of the most common colors for pet mice is white.
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