Owl, Great Horned

Owl, Great Horned
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Tall, silent, with curving "horns" and stern-looking, yellow eyes, the Great Horned Owl possesses a disturbing beauty. At night, in the dark when we have trouble seeing, he startles us with a sudden, "Who-who-whoo!" And we are glad we are not smaller than he. This magnificently crafted puppet features feather-like plush, movable wings, a rotating head and blinking eyes

Puppet Stats
Length Width Height Weight
9" LONG 5" WIDE 18" TALL 1 LB 0.1 OZ



  • Great horned owls live throughout North and South America. They are one of the most widespread species of owls.

  • The owl's bones are papery and air-filled so they can fly easily. The soft feathers that cover their bodies enable them to fly without making a sound.

  • The great horned owl is the only bird that has an upper eyelid that can blink like a person, but its vision is 100 times sharper than ours.

  • The great horned owl can't move its eyes from side to side, but its neck is so flexible that it can swivel its head sufficiently to see directly behind it.


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