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He's a trickster in Native American mythology but there's no trick to animating this majestically poised Coyote puppet. Manipulate his head and mouth to make him bay to the moon, nab an iguana for dinner, or prophesy the dawning of a new age.

Puppet Stats
Length Width Height Weight
11" LONG 8" WIDE 15" TALL 12.5 OZ



  • Coyotes used to live in the western U.S. and northern Mexico. Now their range has spread to all of North America and south to Costa Rica.

  • Coyotes live in deserts, mountains, on farm and ranch land, and even in the suburbs. They are very intelligent and curious.

  • Coyotes often mate for life. The parents are very devoted to their litter of cubs.

  • Although ranchers believe that coyotes are pests, in fact they rarely kill livestock. Efforts to get rid of them have failed. They are just too smart and adaptable.
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